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Transformer Protection Type NTC Thermistor

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We have been recognized as one of the trusted Transformer Protection Type NTC Thermistor Manufacturers and Suppliers. We manufacture the finest Transformer Protection Type NTC Thermistor which is exclusively famous for excellent thermal cycle endurance. This type of Thermistor is absolutely lead free; thus it is an eco-friendly & cost-effective product.

Features :
  • Operating ranges from -30o C - 160o C
  • High accuracy tolerance to +/ - 0.10o C
  • Excellent thermal cycle endurance
  • High stability
  • Pb (lead) free

Applications :
  • Transformer protection in stabilizers, UPS, inverters etc.
  • Battery pack for computer & Home appliances etc.

Specifications :
  • The B- tolerance is ± !% when R- tolerance within ± 3%, others are ± 2%
  • Special parameter could customizing in corporate with time in R & D

Technical Specifications

STTP 473 R2 4100 A L15
Product Series Code
Resistance at 25oc
R Tolerance
B Constant (25/ 85)
Type of Lead
Lead Length
STTPTransformer Protection Type NTC Thermistor20220 x 102ΩR/1±0.1oCBvalue=4100ASilver plated Copper wire AWG24L10100 mm
10310 x 103ΩR/25±0.25oCBSilver plated Copper wire AWG26L15150 mm
47347 x 103ΩR/5±0.5oCCSilver plated Copper wire AWG28L20200 mm
R1±1%DSilver plated Copper wire AWG30L25250 mm
R2±2%ESilver plated Copper wire AWG32L30300 mm
R3±3%L40400 mm