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Benefits, Applications And Advantages Of The Chip Type NTC Thermistors

Posted by Admin on October, 23, 2021

Invented by Michael Faraday, an English scientist, a thermally tuned resistor that displays an exact and predictable change in resistance that is proportional to minute changes in the body temperatures is known as a thermistor. How much resistance it will adjust to depends on its composition.

Thermistors are smaller parts of a large group of passive components. Contrary to the active parts, the passive ones are not capable of supplying the necessary power gain or amplification that is necessary for a circuit.

Types Of Thermistors

There are two types of thermistors. They are:

• NTC or Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistors
• PTC or Positive Temperature Coefficient thermistors

There is one major difference between the two types of thermistors. The difference is that NTC demonstrates a decrease in the resistance as the temperature of the body increases, while the PTC shows an increase in resistance as body temperature increases.

Applications Of NTC And PTC Thermistors

There are few applications of both the NTC and PTC thermistors. These are:

• Compensation in temperature
• Measurement of temperature
• Temperature control
• Limiting of the inrush current

In NTC thermistors, the capability to limit the inrush of current is absent.

Benefits Of NTC Thermistors

Just as every equipment or part of equipment has certain functions; its benefits are also related to its function. The NTC type thermistor has certain functions. It has a fast response time to change.

These types of thermistors can be customized according to the needs of clients. They are excellent electrical noise immunity and lead resistance bearers than other types of thermistors. Cost-effectiveness is another factor that gives it an edge over the other types of thermistors. Because of their small size and production ease, they become an economical choice for customers.

How It Is Manufactured

NTC thermistors are manufactured utilizing a mix of metal oxides like manganese, nickel or copper along with binding agents and stabilizers. Pressed into thin wafers, and forged at extremely high temperatures, the thermistors are made into either discs or chip style thermistors.

Various Configurations Of Thermistors

Thermistors can be configured in various forms like:

• Disc and chip[ type
• Epoxy
• Glass encapsulated
• Probe assemblies
• Surface mount

Advantages Of Thermistors

The thermistor has many advantages like:

• They are durable
• Highly sensitive
• Extremely small
• They are cost-effective and therefore, affordable
• They are best used for measuring a single point of temperature

And good quality chip type NTC thermistors are now available with Chip Type NTC Thermistor Supplier. They are manufactured with good care.

Disc And Chip Type Thermistors

These types of thermistors are either coated with a tinned copper lead that has a quick response. Its resistance span is also wide and suits every situation. Nowadays, there are many Chip Type NTC Thermistor Suppliers in India, who supply good quality chip type thermistors.


Thermistors minutely change the resistance with a temperature change. But it is temperature-dependent. It is best used where the temperature change is an integral part of equipment and it needs to be maintained. They are suitable for the measurement of liquids, gases, or solids depending on the make of the thermistor. Whatever the demands, there are plenty of good Chip Type NTC Thermistor Suppliers in India.

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