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Temperature Compensation Type NTC Thermistor

Temperature Compensation Type NTC Thermistor

We are one of the specialized Temperature Compensation Type NTC Thermistor Manufacturers and Suppliers, based in Kerala. Our Temperature Compensation NTC Thermistor ensures excellent electrical and thermal stability across distinct industrial applications. With our Temperature Compensation Type NTC Thermistor, the clients get a wide selection of temperature coefficient.

Features :
  • Wide selection of temperature coefficient
  • Excellent electrical and thermal stability

Applications :
  • Temperature compensation for measuring instruments
  • Temperature compensation for deflection coil in TV
  • Temperature compensation for crystal oscillators, infrared LED's and mechanical meters

Technical Specifications

STTC 222 R5 B
Product Series Code
Resistance at 25oc
R Tolerance
Type of Lead
STTCTemperature Compensation Type NTC Thermistor10210 x 102Ω R3±3%ATinned Copper wire 0.4
22222 x 102ΩR5±5%BTinned Copper wire 0.6
10310 x 103ΩR8±8%CCP wire
15315 x 103ΩR10±10%DSteel wire
30330 x 103Ω

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