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Film Type NTC Thermistor

Film Type NTC Thermistor

We are one of the distinguished Film Type NTC Thermistor Manufacturers and Suppliers from Kerala (India). Our Film Type NTC Thermistor is ideally suitable to install at narrow spaces. This Thermistor operates at different temperature ranges, ideally 50o C - 90o C. We offer only high quality Film Type NTC Thermistor at the competitive market prices.

Features :
  • Suitable for narrow space
  • Rapid response time
  • Elastic and solder easily
  • Operating temperature : 50o C - 90o C

Application :
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Home Appliance
  • Narrow temperature detecting space

Specifications :
  • The B- tolerance is ± 1% when R- tolerance within ±3%, others are ± 2%
  • Special parameter could customizing in corporate with time in R & D

Technical Specifications

STFT 103 R2 3435 L25
Product Series Code
Resistance at 25oc
R Tolerance
B Constant (25/ 85)
Lead Length
STFTFilm Type NTC Thermistor20220 x 102ΩR1±1%Bvalue=3435L2525 mm
10310 x 103ΩR2±2%L5050 mm
47347 x 103ΩR3±3%L7575 mm
R5±5%L100100 mm