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What Is Motor Winding Protection Sensor?

Posted by Admin on May, 14, 2021

The thermal winding protection for the motors is one key component in the operational automated equipment. This helps in creating one level of protection against the excessive temperature of winding which could eventually lead to a permanent breakdown or failure of the winding insulation. But you should always look for the best motor winding protection sensor supplier.

Let’s See An Example-
• If there is any manufacturing company which utilises a servo motor on any new assembly machine. They see that the machine is actually rubbing well but still the company yet decided that they might need some faster output so what they do is, increase the motor's duty cycle.

• After some time, due to the higher cycling, there has been a production of higher RMS motor current. The highs amount of the RMS current creates some accumulating amount of energy, inside motor windings in the form of the heat.

• Eventually, you will realise that the motor will begin to overheat. And then the motor windings will fail and the entire production line would go down. The motor then will need to be sent to a shop for either getting replaced completely or to be rewound.

• Therefore, the company should not just have the servo motor that has a motor winding protection but in the end, it needs to be well connected to a motor winding protection sensor too. So that there is no occurrence of such failures.

How Does The Thermal Winding Protection Sensor Work?-

• The thermal winding protection is available in numerous numbers of various options. But there is only one fundamental principle, which is the same.

• The winding protection has a sensor that helps in registering the thermal condition of the motor's stator winding. Once there is an occurrence of any thermal overload, the motor winding protection sensor in India shuts the motor down.

How To Choose The Best Quality Motor Winding Protection Sensor-

• Choose such an enterprise which is actively involved in the supplying and manufacturing of the Thermistors and it’s products. There must be highly qualified and people with good knowledge of working for the company.

• Go for a company that has a good name in the market. Although you should not completely depend on the famous name of the company. Rather you should see both the quality of the product and then decide whether the company is worth trusting or not.

• Choose such a motor winding protection sensor supplier in India who sells products of optimum quality to all its customers. Check whether their products have good quality raw materials or not. You must only buy goods that have a proper standard and guarantee some reliability and authenticity.

• The motor winding protection sensor supplier you choose should have a good client base. A company which sells good quality products and has a good customer service should always be a preferred company. You can even do some research and check it yourself whether the company has good reviews or not.

• You will find many motor winding protection sensor wholesale supplier but you should be very careful about the parts and raw materials make sure they are authentic and of good premium quality. And only then invents your money on the product.

You need to choose a motor winding protection sensor supplier and get the good product installed so that once the motor reaches an overheat condition, the drive will automatically shit the motor down. This will allow the motor to cool down and hence there will not be any heat damage issue on the motor.

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